• Lottie Williams

Interview with a client

I'm always keen to know more about what makes my clients tick and why they decide to work with a nutritional therapist. It also helps me make sure I'm working in a way that resonates and delivers value for the people I work with. I wanted to share some comments from my lovely client Jane who kindly answered some questions for me earlier this month. Hopefully, this will help you understand more about how it all works from the client's side.

What was your biggest concern or challenge before you committed to working with me?

I’ve never worked with a nutritionist before. If I’m honest I didn’t necessarily want someone else telling me what to eat! But mostly because I thought I was quite well informed about food and nutrition, and also the cost put me off a bit. There is so much information freely available that I was able to cobble enough together to have a fairly healthy diet, although prone to eating too many ‘treats’. Also having brought up a family I think most mums are clued up about what is healthy.

I decided that in 2020 it was time to get a grip on unhealthy eating patterns and tackle the weight that has crept on over the last few years. I knew Lottie from a local networking group, and loved her relaxed and realistic attitude towards nutrition, and that she was also very knowledgeable. So I booked an MOT session with Lottie to make sure that my new eating regime was giving me all the nutrients I needed at my stage in life. I wanted to be able to ask questions that were specific to me, my medical history and lifestyle. I was at a point in my life when I was ready to invest in my own health. I also wanted to build in an element of accountability to help me break unhealthy habits.

What specifically was your favourite part of the service and why?

I loved that Lottie took a very comprehensive medical history, and was very easy to talk to and non-judgemental. I found it easy to be open – she created a safe space.

And on top of that, she loved answering all my questions and could do so without hesitation. That made me feel totally safe in the knowledge that her advice could be trusted.

Even better, she has followed up our appointment with a written set of recommendations, including recipes, and the opportunity to ask further questions.

If you were to recommend me to a close friend what would you say?

I’d say go for it, you won’t regret it! Sometimes we have to invest in ourselves a little, and Lottie’s rates are very reasonable for the level of service provided. Lottie knows what she is talking about and is a lovely person to work with. I know that in the future she’d be the first person to ask if I need further help. Thank you so much, Lottie, you have helped me to change my ways for the better!