• Lottie Williams

Guest blog: You’re in control – not the craving

Bettina is an absolute pro at what she does: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping. Here, she shares some pearls of wisdom on cravings and how to address them. Check out the brilliant video at the end where Bettina shows you exactly how to tap away cravings.

What I love about Lottie’s approach to nutrition is her pragmatic, accessible, and completely non-judgemental attitude to food and us, who struggle to control our weight and habits. There is no raised index-finger-waving; no semi-religious forsaking of gluten, dairy, red meat, alcohol or even sugar. Let’s face it, we don’t need a nutritionist to tell us that the above are not great for our health nor waistline; what we do need is help and support; to break unhelpful habits and replace them with better ones; to understand what suits us individually rather than what’s the latest celebrity diet fad; and kindness and compassion when those underlying emotional reasons that drive us to the fridge win again. We are living in a place and time where an abundance of food is available and an abundance of empty carb/high trans-fat foods are tempting us everywhere. This is not the place to delve into the science behind addictions and sugar metabolism. Suffice to say that sometimes we’re steered by chemical reactions stronger than willpower. And that’s just it; when a craving appears we feel overwhelmed, powerless and bad about ourselves.

When working with Lottie it’s easy to be motivated; I get that the 80/20 rule is good enough, how to prepare my favourite foods (dare I mention fried chicken here 😊) in new and exciting ways, replace some guilty pleasures with equally satisfying healthier ones etc. And then it happens; that thing that sabotages the most stickable-to diet; the craving. Why oh why; if I have healthy options for treats, do I follow the scent of a brownie or the crinkling sound of a packet of crisps, and won’t rest until my salivating mouth has had its fill. In her brilliant blog “My sugar cravings” Lottie talks about how to pick ourselves up with kindness and self-compassion and start over again. And she has invited me to tell you about a tool that is literally at your fingertips to help ward off unwelcome cravings: EFT tapping.

EFT tapping is effective for quickly releasing the overwhelming urge to tear off that chocolate bar wrapper and sink your teeth into the sweet saboteur. Within minutes you can be back in control and take it or leave it, which is the true sign of freedom; the choice is yours. As Lottie mentioned in her sugar craving blog, there are underlying reasons to explore why we want this sugar fix; was there a time in childhood when we were fed sweets to stop crying, for instance? EFT tapping is also helpful to find these underlying niggling feelings that we are trying to soothe with sugar, and help gently release and heal them. And, if you fall off the wagon before you have even thought about tapping away the craving, EFT tapping helps to release the feeling of guilt you may feel about that. For those who are new to it: EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and has been described as a result of Acupuncture and Neuroscience having sex 😊 So much for the science. If you want to find out how to tap away cravings, check out this video.

Bettina Falkenberg from Taptoflow - the solution is at your fingertips, is a Trauma Therapist and Resilience Coach who helps women who feel overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless to find a sense of peace, agency, and empowerment, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

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