How I approach nutritional therapy

Let's make one thing clear...

I’m the nutritional therapist whose favourite food is fried chicken (ideally with buffalo sauce and sweet potato fries). I’m saying that first of all as I hope it will reassure you that I fully recognise the pleasure and celebration of eating, and I don’t subscribe to diets that cut out everything you love to eat. You might be able to follow this kind of plan for a week, but I’m all about changing habits for life.


I firmly believe in the 80:20 principle. 80% of the time we aim to eat healthy and nutritious food, but 20% of the time we allow ourselves to eat something purely for the joy of it. In my case that’s fried chicken, but for you it might be a piece of chocolate cake or a large glass of wine.


There will be times where we need to stick a bit more stringently to a particular way of eating – for example if you have a food sensitivity. But in general, I aim to work with my clients to find a pattern of 80:20 eating that is flexible and brings them joy.

My approach to nutritional therapy aims to address you as a whole person, not just the symptoms you’re experiencing. I will work with you to uncover the different factors which might be affecting your health and wellbeing.


During our sessions we'll look at diet, lifestyle, whether testing is recommended (see FAQs for more details) and supplements. I have a ‘food first’ approach, so we’ll always look at making dietary changes before jumping straight in with supplements.

The process

At its heart, nutritional therapy is about behaviour change. This is why I work in a step-by-step way, too much too soon often makes it really hard to follow a plan. I’ve found little and often is much for effective (and fun!) 



I recommend a call first to discuss your needs, and then we can pick the right programme for you, or you’re welcome to book directly here.

After booking, you will be sent a detailed health questionnaire and a diet diary to fill in. Sending this back to me 48 hours ahead of our consultation helps me prepare and give you the most productive session possible.


initial consult

A 90-minute session held face-to-face (in Barnes or Islington) or online via Zoom. This is a deep dive into your current health problem and medical history. You'll leave with a handful of achievable changes to get started on.


ongoing support

We'll speak every 1-2 weeks to build on the plan, troubleshoot and ensure you're fully supported while we transform your health. Typically these are 30-minute coaching sessions held online. 

What this means for you

Change at your own pace that delivers real results.

I want my clients to feel completely comfortable talking to me about their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, they’re all connected. I create a safe and non-judgemental space where we can get to the bottom of what’s contributing to your health.


I love to share my joy for nutrition and food and hope that through working together we can create a way of eating that helps you feel amazing, but also is delicious and fulfilling.

Find out more about my progammes and book here.