How many times do I need to see you?

This is a tricky one to answer as we’re all so different. I think it’s fair to say everyone needs more than one appointment – we can’t change habits successfully in a single session – but depending on your unique health profile you may find 4 appointments are enough, or you might need more. Take a look at my approach and services pages or book in a free call to discuss further.


Do you just work with people with digestive problems or food intolerances?

This is such a common misconception about nutritional therapists! Yes, it’s true that gut problems are common reasons for seeing us, and for pretty much every client I’ll make suggestions aimed at supporting digestion. However, nutritional therapy can support people with a wide range of health concerns, not just gut-related.


What if I eat a really unhealthy diet?!

I hear this a lot! People can be worried about seeing a nutritional therapist for this reason. I can guarantee I will never judge you for your dietary or lifestyle choices. I’ve truly seen it all. My job is to help you make the shift to a better-balanced diet, not to tell you off for what you’re currently eating.


Do you provide meal plans? I.e., will you tell me exactly what to eat and when?

I’ve found that this way of supporting clients doesn’t really work in the long-term as means that you’re reliant on being told exactly what to eat. What works better, in my experience, is creating a set of guiding principles for creating a meal or picking food on-the-go. Alongside giving guidance on these principles, which will be different for each person, I like to provide recipe ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you implement my advice.


Will I need to have any tests?

Sometimes. In our consultations we may uncover something it would be good to get more information on and so I may recommend blood, urine, saliva or stool testing. Your GP may be willing to do a certain level of testing, but if not I will make recommendations on private functional tests. These are charged separately, and I’ll carefully discuss my rationale for such tests with you, if they are recommended.


Will you be in contact with my GP, consultant, physio etc?

I like clients to provide me with their GP’s contact details, as a minimum, in case we uncover something in their medical history which it would be good for the GP to investigate. In those case I provide a referral letter for you to share with your GP. For more complex health problems, where you might be under consultant care, for example, it’s a very good idea for us to have a two-way dialogue to ensure that what I recommend complements their work.


Do you ever refer to other practitioners?

Yes, often! I’ve built up a network of brilliant practitioners who do work that complements mine. From physiotherapists who specialise in women’s health to psychotherapists, I refer to a range of people who I trust deeply. I will also be honest with you if I think you would be better off seeing another practitioner first.


Do you earn a commission on any supplements you recommend?

Simply put, no. I pass on my full practitioner discount to my clients. I only recommend supplements I believe will make a significant difference to your health.


Is there anyone you DON’T work with?

Good question – yes. I only work with adults, and don’t work with people with established kidney disease, who are undergoing IVF, have an active eating disorder, or who are living with cancer. I know some wonderful nutritional therapists who work in these specialist areas and would be very happy to refer you on.

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